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Denix Replica GERMAN MG34 MACHINE GUN - SPECIAL PRICE. made of metal and with real wood shoulder stock. MG has simulated loading and firing mechanism, cocking handle locks bolt to the rear, trigger releases bolt forward, also has metal bipod legs that fold, front and rear sight fold up and down. Ammo Belt Not Included. FREE POSTAGE.

The MG 34 (Maschinengewehr 34) is a German recoil-reloading and air-cooled machine gun, introduced in 1934. It is considered the world's first general-purpose machine gun (light, bipod-equipped and heavy, tripod-equipped). It is capable of sustaining a high volume of fire, without sacrificing movement speed, or tactical flexibility. It was in service from 1936 to 1956.

The MG 34’s unique trigger acted as a fire selector switch. If pulled near the top, the MG fired single shots, whereas fully automatic fire was possible by pulling the trigger from the bottom. Later production MG 34s had an astounding rate of fire—some as high at 1,700 rounds per minute. This awesome rate of fire earned the MG 34 platform the designation “Hitler’s Buzzsaw” due to the gun’s loud, saw-like sound.

They are classed as collector items, for display, replicas are not authentic or real. They cannot be turned into real weapons or firearms as they cannot be fired or discharged. 

NOTE: We can only ship to residents in Queensland and Western Australia without any need of a license / permit. For other States we will need to be emailed a copy of the relevant licenses & permit before we can ship the item to you.  These items cannot be shipped overseas.  
If carrying one in public, it must not be visible in public and must be securely stored when not in use.
QLD & W.A. You do require a reasonable excuse for possessing or using a replica weapon. A legitimate valid reason can include collecting replica weapons for a hobby or display.