ELITEMILITARIA® MILITARY ANTIQUES  is a Registered Australian owned Company. 
Whilst it is perfectly legal to own a replica / imitation weapon in QLD and W.A. ownership comes with a responsibility to display, store and use them responsibly so as not to cause public alarm. Failure to do so may see you charged by Police with an offence. A replica cannot be taken into / displayed openly in public so as to cause alarm, be pointed at someone without their permission or be represented as a real weapon to commit a crime.
If you are a member of a recognised re-enactment or historical society, then carefully consult your organisations’s leadership, group protocols and / or the Qld. Or W.A. Police for clarification if planning to use a replica in a display or performance. Responsible replica weapon ownership and usage helps you and the community. 

We are passionate about Militaria, with over 40  years experience in collecting rare Militaria, and specialize in a very diverse range of original and genuine world Militaria, including German Militaria, Swords, Bayonets, and Helmets. Also specializing in modern Elite Unit Special Forces items from units such as the SAS, SASR, U.S. Special Forces, & French Foreign Legion, including a range of the latest Combat Knives & Bayonets, Military Swords - current issue and antiques. Suppliers of Denix Replica Firearms, Gel Guns and much more.

Elitemilitaria ® prides itself on honesty, accurate descriptions and professional customer service. An important part of our marketing strategy is to provide quality products at competitive prices, but always with the clients needs in mind, hence the focus on customer service.

We strive to provide great service and customer satisfaction, and will always honour our 100% Money Back Guarantee as per the Terms and Conditions, on the products that we sell, as our customers are our number one priority, we always endeavour to solve any concerns quickly if any arise. If you have any questions relating to the sale or just have an inquiry, or if you are looking for something in particular that has not been listed, please contact us through the website and we will respond quickly. 

Elitemilitaria® has gained a worldwide reputation for honest service and top quality products since 2007. We aim to provide quality products at competitive prices plus provide great customer service. We pride ourself on honesty, accurate descriptions and satisfied repeat customers with over 38,000 positive feedbacks on eBay. Please read our F&Q's page, to find the answers to the most common concerns.

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*Please Note: Elitemilitaria's online shop is for historical interest only and does not support, condone or promote any religious, political or racist views.