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The AUSTRALIAN SPECIAL AIR SERVICE REGIMENT is our very best front line combat unit with a reputation as one of the top elite special forces unit in the world.

The SASR UNIT COIN was made to honour our elite soldier's sacrifice on the battlefields fought worldwide - BORNEO - VIETNAM - EAST TIMOR - AFGHANISTAN - IRAQ

Observe: the inscription SPECIAL AIR SERVICE REGIMENT AUSTRALIA with the world famous SAS WINGED DAGGER badge and SAS motto WHO DARES WINS.
Reverse: show the countries in which SASR has fought since its creation - BORNEO - VIETNAM - EAST TIMOR - AFGHANISTAN - IRAQ - with the prestigious COMBAT INFANTRY BADGE only awarded to Australian Special Forces and Infantry Soldier's who have served as part of an Infantry Battalion deployed for at least 90 days to an operational combat area, and lastly shown is the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL FLAG.

A rare military collectable limited edition, 3 dimensional face and back design, gold edges, enamelled. 43mm diameter