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The world famous DENIX REPLICA AMERICAN CIVIL WAR ARMY 1860 COLT REVOLVER PISTOL.  Used by both Union and Confederate forces, these legendary cap and ball revolvers are full size (37 cm ) and weigh a hefty 1,120 g. The loading lever, hammer, trigger and cylinder action work like the rare, expensive originals. Manufactured with real wood grips, deluxe blued barrel and simulated brass frame finishes.
This revolver Army Model 1860 was a muzzle-loaded cap & ball .44-caliber revolver used during the American Civil War. It was favored as a side arm by cavalry, infantry, and artillery troops. More than 200,000 were manufactured from 1860 through 1873, which biggest customer was the US Government with over 127,000 units being purchased and issued to the troops
This Replica will only be shipped to QLD and W.A. clients as only you may purchase without the need of a license or permit. **For all other States within Australia we will need to see a copy of your license, permit, police exemption, movie ordnance license or historical arms collector's club membership.