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We have secured old, in mint condition, stock of replica MP40's with folding stocks, replica MP40's are not allowed to be imported with folding stocks anymore, the next shipment will have a fixed stocks only which can't be folded. Will add a Free genuine leather MP40 sling.

Reproduction of a submachine gun, made of metal and plastic, with simulated loading and firing mechanism, removable magazine and adjustable leather belt. The MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40) was designed by Heinrich Vollmer in 1940, with the aim of equipping German soldiers with an assault weapon. It used magazines of 32 cartridges of 9mm and its effective range was about 100-150 meters.

This Replica will only be shipped to QLD and W.A. clients as only you may purchase without the need of a license or permit. For all other States within Australia we will need to see a copy of your license, permit, police exemption, movie ordnance license or historical arms collector's club membership.