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The world famous WW2 GERMAN ARMY WALTHER PPK PISTOL WITH DETACHABLE SILENCER.  A superior quality reproduction of this world famous pistol with fitted silencer, made of metal and plastic grips, with simulated working mechanism of charging and fire. The magazine and the silencer are removable.
It became famous thanks to the character of James Bond 007, who has used it in many of his films, where he attaches a silencer to the barrel when a subtle job is required.

Dimensions: 30 cm
Weight: 750 g
Epoch: World War II 1939-1945

This Replica will only be shipped to QLD and W.A. clients as only you may purchase without the need of a license or permit. **For all other States within Australia we will need to see a copy of your license, permit, police exemption, movie ordnance license or historical arms collector's club membership.