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This spectacular replica of the 82 cm Winchester Carbine Rifle dating back to 1892 is made of Metal and high-quality resin specially treated to give it the appearance and texture of real wood.

This replica comes with 4x Dummy Brass Cartridges, which allows you to fit a plastic cap into the back of fake round and fire for sound effect (same red plastic caps used in children's toy cap guns), cartridges will cycle through replica and extract.

This Kolser manufactured rifle has a very similar weight and dimensions to the original Winchester, as well as a functional mechanism, a re-loadable chamber and a bullet ejection system that provides, not only a faithful replica of the original, but also a realistic experience when operating it.

This Model 21, Carbine USA 1982 replica rifle comes in matte black is a unique collector's piece.

NOTE: We can only ship to residents in Queensland and Western Australia without any need of a license / permit. For other States we will need to be emailed a copy of the relevant licenses & permit before we can ship the item to you.  These items cannot be shipped overseas.  
If carrying one in public, it must not be visible in public and must be securely stored when not in use.
QLD & W.A. You do require a reasonable excuse for possessing or using a replica weapon. A legitimate valid reason can include collecting replica weapons for a hobby or display.