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The world famous PEACEMAKER REVOLVER .45 CALIBRE 1873 IN ANTIQUE GREY.  An excellent high quality replica, trigger, drum and hammer is fully functional. Quality is superior. The Peacemaker revolver, also known as Single Action Army (SAA), was designed by Samuel Colt in 1873. This revolver has received numerous nicknames Peacemaker, also it was known as Frontier or Widowmaker, in reference to the facility of this revolver to left widows among the wives of the time.

They are classed as collector items, for display, replicas are not authentic or real. They cannot be turned into real weapons or firearms as they cannot be fired or discharged.

NOTE: We can only ship to residents in Queensland and Western Australia without any need of a license / permit. For other States we will need to be emailed a copy of the relevant licenses & permit before we can ship the item to you.These items cannot be shipped overseas.