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Brand new, sealed in plastic bottle POTASSIUM IODINE TABLETS 130 MG made by Life Extension in Florida USA. Only to be taken in emergency during the crucial first days of fallout and radiation, 1 full tablet for adults, half a tablet for children.

When it comes to radiation exposure, one of the most important considerations is the protection of your thyroid, and with good reason…

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ weighing just 20-60 grams, but it regulates hormones that control practically all of the body’s key metabolic functions including breathing, heart rate, body weight, temperature, muscle strength, and even the central nervous system.

These are vital functions for survival…especially during a crisis or major disaster. Unfortunately, the thyroid is also the most sensitive body part when it comes to absorbing radioactive iodine (I-131).

That’s where potassium iodide comes in.

Potassium Iodine actively prevents your thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine—effectively blocking one of the most dangerous elements of radioactive exposure during the crucial first days of fallout and radiation.

In the event of exposure, it’s crucial to take potassium iodide as soon as possible (and advised) to avoid radioactive iodine side effects and radiation poisoning.