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Original P-1913 British WW1 Bayonet made by the Remington Arms Company in the U.S., Date of manufacture stamped 1917 for the British Army's Pattern 1914 Enfield (P-14) Rifle. Direct from long term storage in very fine condition with all the original correct markings. The blade is in a rare near mint condition.

Complete with steel mounted leather Scabbards with a round frog stud. This P-1913 Bayonet is truly in an amazing condition, nearly all of the blueing still present, no damage to the blade, frog is in perfect condition, it would be near impossible to find a much nicer example for your collection.

The British Rifle .303 1914 was developed from the experimental Pattern 1913 Enfield, originally intended to replace the S.M.L.E. as the standard issue rifle for British Troops. During the Second Boer War, the British Army had been faced with expert Boer marksmen equipped with the Mauser Model 1895, in 7×57mm caliber. This led them to develop a similar rimless cartridge and a Mauser action based rifle to shoot it, the first version being developed in 1911. This went through several revisions until the 1913 Enfield was developed and put into trials. A bayonet based on the P-1907 bayonet was developed at this time as well, and was known as the P-1913.