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On offer is a rare original WW1 GERMAN ARMY M16 COMBAT HELMET which was worn on the front lines during WWI. 

This helmet has the German soldiers initials and unit painted on skirt 86 M.W.K. 305, the Helmet is makers marked W66, there is dome production number R551. The leather liner is the original, in a fragile state.

The familiar WW1 leather German Pickelhaube (Spiked-topped helmet) used at the beginning of WW1 in combat was totally useless against flying shrapnel from artillery shells, with many fatal casualties. An urgent need for an all steel combat helmet was needed, a surgeon in the German Navy came up with a design that would best protect a soldier in combat, hence the M16 helmet was born, and rushed into service at the end of 1916. It was nicknamed by allied soldier's as the 'Frankenstein Helmet' because of its brow plate air vent lugs sticking out of the side.