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This enameled U.S. Military Medal, was first established on the 20th of July 1942. It is USA made, with beautiful inlaid features, rich red and white enamel work, and a high quality 18 Karat Gold plated finish. This is the rarer Officer Class version of this decoration, distinguishable from the lower class Legionnaire by the Bronze Officer Class Star attachment to the correct carmine ribbon.

Awarded to both U.S. Officers and foreign Officers from many allied nations, including that from Australia for 'EXCEPTIONALLY MERITORIOUS CONDUCT IN PERFORMANCE OF OUTSTANDING SERVICE TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA' It was first awarded in the past for GALLANTRY in combat.

This regulation medal is exactly as would be awarded to a recipient of the U.S. military today, fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, this U.S. Government medal is the exact type as currently awarded to U.S. service men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The degrees and the design of the decoration were clearly influenced by the French Legion d' Honnuer.