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The Cross of the Resistance Volunteer Combatant (French: "Croix du combattant volontaire de la Résistance") is a French decoration that recognizes, as its name implies, those who fought in one of the resistance groups, or who were deported or interned for acts of resistance, or who were killed or injured while taking parts in acts of resistance against the German occupation forces during World War II.

The Croix du combattant volontaire de la Résistance was created to honour those who voluntarily participated in acts of resistance, or by participating with a recognized resistance group, during which they put their lives at risk. It was issued to all cardholders of voluntary resistance fighter created in 1949,which itself is obtained using the following criteria:

Holders of the card Resistant-Deported or Interned-Resistant.

Those executed, killed or injured in an act of resistance.

Those who were members of a resistance group, recognized as a fighting unit and who actually fought at least 90 days in the French Forces Combattantes (FFC) or French Forces of the Interior ( FFI) or the French Resistance Interior (RFI).

The people who have belonged for 90 days before June 6, 1944, the FFC, FFI, or RFI in an area occupied by the enemy, and have affidavits from two persons well known for their activity in the French Resistance.